Mansfield Business Attorneys

Important business matters require the assistance of a skilled professional dedicated to protecting your interests.

At Brown, Bemiller, Murray & Haring, LLC, our Mansfield, Ohio, corporate and business law attorneys strive to maximize the value of our services for our small- and large-business clients. Our lawyers have extensive experience resolving business disputes through aggressive commercial litigation as well as assisting clients in simple to complex business transactions. Our primary goal is to provide each client with first-rate legal representation to ensure the client’s best result. Contact us for a consultation.

We represent clients in myriad business matters, including:

  • Business organization (choice of entity, e.g., corporation, LLC, family limited partnership)
  • Large commercial transactions
  • Business litigation (probate litigation, contract disputes, shareholders disputes)
  • Contracts (contract formation, contract review)
  • Collections

Our Richland County business lawyer, David N. Haring, possesses exceptional credentials and years of successful business law experience. We can help you navigate even the most complex business law matters. Without professional assistance, documents are often not executed properly and, consequently, do not achieve what an individual thinks they will. We spend time with our clients to create customized plans that reflect their wishes. We also can offer advice about what makes good tax sense.

When it comes to business formation or entity selection, it is important to have sound protection under the law for your entity and to use all the tools that are provided to maximize your dollars. A lawyer can advise you with regard to tax benefits or of certain provisions in your corporation’s record that can afford you the limited liability protection you seek.

From a business litigation standpoint, when much is at stake, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully litigate any business matter from the smallest collection for a client all the way up to complex commercial litigation, such as contract or construction litigation.

Contact us today to discuss your business and commercial law needs.